Babelsberg – Film Stars, Mansions, History

Babelsberg_Villa, Foto: PMSG André Stiebitz
Babelsberg_Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße, Foto: TMB Fotoarchiv_Uwe Seibt
Babelsberg_Villa_Stalin, Foto: PMSG André Stiebitz
Villenkolonie_Neubabelsberg: PMSG André Stiebitz

A tour of the Mansion Colony Neubabelsberg offers a sneak peek at the celebrity life and the history of the former UFA and DEFA film stars. The tour takes you to the former residences of stars such as Marika Rökk or Brigitte Horney. Villas built by famous architects such as Mies van der Rohe hosted different politicians among others Truman, Churchill and Stalin.

Services: Guided walking tour of Mansion Colony Neubabelsberg

Duration: 3 hours

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Group: 160,00 EUR per guide (max. 30 Personen) €

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