Tour 1: The Potsdam realm of castles and gardens

Führung im Park Sanssouci, © TMB/Wieck
Schloss Cecilienhof, © PTS/Boettcher
Schloss und Park Babelsberg, © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Boettcher/Schloss Babelsberg (SPSG)
Orangerie im Park Sanssouci, © SPSG/Michael Lueder
Schloss Sanssouci, © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Frenkel/Schloss Sanssouci (SPSG)
Marmorpalais im Neuen Garten, ©SPSG/Hans Bach
Altstadt Potsdam, © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Ehn
Segelboot vor dem Hans-Otto-Theater, © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Onnen
Glienicker Brücke, © TMB Fotoarchiv/Boettcher

The Alte Markt (old market square) is the point of departure for a stroll through the historic centre of Potsdam State Capital. You can still recognise parts of the historic old town centre here, such as the Alte Rathaus (old town hall), the Nikolai Church or the Marstall (royal stables) of the Town Castle (which is a film museum today). Unfortunately, the big Town Castle was severely damaged during World War II and was demolished in the 1960s. Nevertheless, Potsdam is today part of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage.
To be able to experience this, we recommend a trip with one of the White Fleet’s passenger ships, which are located in the harbour diagonally opposite Lange Brücke (long bridge). During the trip, which takes about one and a half hours, you will quite comfortably enjoy a great part of the Potsdam landscape of castles and parks, such as Babelsberg Castle and Park, Glienicke Castle and Park, Pfaueninsel (peacock island), the Neue Garten (new garden) with Marmorpalais (marble palace) etc..
After returning to the harbour, you can traverse the town centre. From the baroque Neue Markt (new market square), you reach Sanssouci Castle and Park via Luisenplatz (a square) and Brandenburg Gate. The picturesque view of the world-renowned Sanssouci Summer Residence with its fountains and vineyard terraces, on which Frederick the Great strolled, or the walk through the tree-lined avenue to the Neue Palais (new palace) – the last large castle complex in the Prussian baroque style – let you imagine, why princes, kings and emperors once chose Potsdam to be their royal seat. You leave the park via the “Grüne Gitter” (green gate) exit. Back on the Luisenplatz, all kinds of restaurants invite you to reflect on the impressions.

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