Individual Round tour Potsdam 4: Through Sanssouci

Blick auf die Hinterseite des Schloss Sanssouci © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Schloss Sanssouci © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Schloss Sanssouci © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Bildergalerie © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Neue Kammern © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Orangerie © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Neues Palais Seitenansicht © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Park Sanssouci © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Schloss Charlottenhof © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller

The 2.5 to 3-hour round tour 4 "Through Sanssouci" takes you to Potsdam's World Heritage sites of Sanssouci Park. The positions on the map indicate the location of an information board. If you call the number provided on the board, you will get information about this particular location. (This service is free. You are only charged for the duration of the phone call to a German landline).

The tour begins at "Luisenplatz" square at the end of the pedestrian precinct (01). The "Allee nach Sanssouci" at Luisenplatz brings you to the green gate or "Grüne Gitter", which forms the entrance to Park Sanssouci. You pass the Marly garden and head in the direction of the large fountain to climb the stairs of the terraced hills up to Sanssouci Palace (02). Going east you will be led directly to the Picture Gallery (03) and then you head west toward the New Chambers (03). Via the Sicilian and Nordic Garden you arrive at the hill on which the Orangery (04) was built. Heading then further south, you reach the New Palace (05) via the main park alley. From the "Freundschaftstempel" (temple of friendship) and via the theatre path you get to Charlottenhof Palace (06). This route leads south to the final destination at Charlottenhof station. Prior to arriving there, a little detour to the Roman Baths is highly recommended.

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