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Christmas markets in Potsdam

The Magic of Christmas in Potsdam

Christmas market at Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Seibt

Christmas in Potsdam has a special charm all of ist own.
Advent delicacies glimpsed between 18th century weavers' houses, Sinterklaas Festival in the Dutch Quarter, beautifully decorated grounds on the Crown Estate of Bornstedt, and traditional handicrafts and the taste of regional cuisine at the traditional market in the city centre.

You are warmly invited.

List of Christmas markets in Potsdam for download (PDF)

Discovering Christmas markets in Potsdam

Blauer Lichterglanz - Potsdam City Christmas Market © Goertz

As every year, the traditional Potsdam Christmas market takes place in the centre of town between the Church of St. Peter and Paul and Luisenplatz on Brandenburger Straße. The historical Christmas market features a stage for fairy tales and an open air ice-rink, culinary treats from Brandenburg plus arts & crafts.

Romantic Christmas Market at the Crown Estate Bornstedt © Goertz

The "Krongut Bornstedt", formerly country estate of the Prussian crown, presents its popular Romantic Christmas market in the interior courtyard of the UNESCO’s World Heritage ensemble. On the beautifully decorated grounds there are several tradesmen and artisans who offer regional specialties, arts & crafts.