Hans-Otto-Theater illluminated © Prof. Dieter Leistner
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Belvedere on Pfingstberg © TMB picture archive/Ehn
Potsdam Night of the Palaces © TMB picture archive/SPSG
Sailing boat near Church of the Redeemer © TMB picture archive/Ehn
Belvedere on Pfingstberg © TMB picture archive/Ehn
Potsdam Night of the Palaces © TMB picture archive/SPSG

Are you looking for a classical concert or theatre performance in one of Potsdam’s royal palaces, a market in the Dutch Quarter, a guided city tour with a theme, or a guided bike tour through Potsdam’s “Forbidden Town”? Then take advantage of our convenient event search.

Or perhaps you may just like to be inspired by our current event offers?

Current event offers

Christmas market in Potsdam

Christmas in Potsdam has a special charm all of ist own. Enjoy Advent delicacies glimpsed between 18th century weavers' houses, Advent market in the Dutch Quarter, beautifully decorated grounds on the Crown Estate of Bornstedt, and traditional handicrafts and the taste of regional cuisine at the Christmas market in the city centre. more...

Schwanensee - Russisches Staatstheater für Oper und Ballett Komi, Photo: Musikfestspiele Sanssouci und Nikolaisaal Potsdam gGmbH

"Swan Lake" is one of the most famous works by the Russian composer Tchaikovsky, and a vital repertoire component of any classical ballet. Everyone knows the dance of the four little swans and is captivated by the romantic magic, the graceful elegance, the breathtaking jumps and romantic pas de deux at the court of the queen or the dreamy swanlake. more...

My Fair Lady © HL Boehme

Since its 1956 Broadway premiere in New York, "My Fair Lady" has been among the most performed musicals of all times. Eliza Doolittle, a dustman’s daughter, is making a living by selling flowers on the street. Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics is oddly fascinated by her vulgar accent, claiming that within 6 months he would turn Eliza into a lady. more....

Potsdam, Sanssouci, Orangerie, Foto: Franz Michael Rohm © SPSG

Hundreds of palm trees, agaves, laurel and orange trees adorn the Prussian gardens in summer. In the winter months, the trees are well-protected in the "orangeries" – greenhouses built by the Prussian kings. This tour provides visitors with information about the exotic plants and historic heating systems. more...