Hans-Otto-Theater illluminated © Prof. Dieter Leistner
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Belvedere on Pfingstberg © TMB picture archive/Ehn
Potsdam Night of the Palaces © TMB picture archive/SPSG
Sailing boat near Church of the Redeemer © TMB picture archive/Ehn
Belvedere on Pfingstberg © TMB picture archive/Ehn
Potsdam Night of the Palaces © TMB picture archive/SPSG

Are you looking for a classical concert or theatre performance in one of Potsdam’s royal palaces, a market in the Dutch Quarter, a guided city tour with a theme, or a guided bike tour through Potsdam’s “Forbidden Town”? Then take advantage of our convenient event search.

Or perhaps you may just like to be inspired by our current event offers?

Current event offers

Brandenburger Tor © TMB-picture archive/Bach

This walking tour leads you through Potsdam’s historical centre. Passing the city canal you will visit Potsdam’s most beautiful square, the New Market with the royal carriage stable. Then continue on to the Old Market with the Nikolai Church, the Old Town Hall, and the newly built Potsdam City Palace (Stadtschloss), functioning as the Parliament's seat. more...

Potsdamer Tanztage, Photo: Denis Farley

Each year the Potsdam Dance Festival provides insight into the latest work of the international dance scene. In Brandenburg, the festival is unprecedented, offering a vast variety of musical and physical performances on stage at Schiffbauergasse. Guests get to see dance companies from all over the world, as well as concerts and workshops. more...

Nächtliche Schlösserimpressionen®, Photo: Weisse Flotte Potsdam GmbH

Immerse yourself in Potsdam’s enchanting water landscape dotted with marvelously lit palaces and parks. You will be welcomed aboard with a glass of champagne before the Potsdam White Fleet puts to sea for a three-hour parade, taking you back into King Frederick the Great’s realm. more...

My Fair Lady © HL Boehme

Since its 1956 Broadway premiere in New York, "My Fair Lady" has been among the most performed musicals of all times. Eliza Doolittle, a dustman’s daughter, is making a living by selling flowers on the street. Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics is oddly fascinated by her vulgar accent, claiming that within 6 months he would turn Eliza into a lady. more....

Fireworks at Ehrenhof Schloss Sanssouci © Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci/Stefan Gloede

Music and Gardens: This is a history dating back to many centuries and which is about mutual inspiration, contemplation and joyful celebrations, romantic idylls and pleasures. Come along and go on a musical journey through the gardens of Potsdam and experience one-of-a-kind concerts, operas and the famous bicycle concert.