Así suena cuando una ciudad habla de la nada: así suena el podcast de Potsdam. En unos 20 episodios de minutos escucharás pequeñas anécdotas e historias inspiradoras. Anne de PMSG Potsdam Marketing und Service GmbH, charlando con sus colegas sobre lugares favoritos y experiencias fuera de los circuitos turísticos habituales. Los potsdamers comparten su mirada entre bastidores y hablan sobre su sentimiento de Potsdam.

Christmas Time in Potsdam

We are finally back and celebrating the most wonderful time of the year with a new episode. Have you ever heart of the German Christmas tradition, that you have to clean your shoes and put them outside your door? In this podcast episode, Anne and Vicky will tell you what it’s all about. They also talking about old traditions, Christmas Markets with festive blue lights and favourite fairy tales made in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Merry Christmas everyone!

Potsdam – a journey through Europe

Going to the Netherlands, Italy or England in just one day isn’t possible? Well, it is! Listen to this Podcast-Episode, where Claudi and Anne will tell you about Europeanein influences in Potsdam. The scent of the pomegranates in the Sicilian Garden makes you dream of Italy, the red bricks of the Dutch Quarter are reminiscent of Amsterdam and just a few minutes away you find yourself in the setting of a Russian fairy tale in Colony Alexandrowka. Visiting Potsdam is like travelling through Europe!

The Potsdam feeling in Winter

We‘re kicking off the new season with another English episode! Grab your headphones, a warm beverage and escape to wintery Potsdam with us... Anne and Claudia talk you through the prettiest Christmas markets, where to go when you need a bit of warmth and which Christmas treats, sweet or savoury, you should definitely try. Enjoy!

Local Potsdam traditions during Advent

What a year! Even Christmas will be different this time. But we’re in this together. Nowadays it is so important to make this season as cozy, friendly and warm as possible. In this Episode, Anne and Claudia will give you an insight view of german Christmas traditions. They will tell you what’s so special about the Advent time in Potsdam, what to do outside on a cozy winter day and what they are going to eat on Christmas Eve. Spoiler alert: one of them met Santa back in the days.

The Potsdam feeling in Autumn

We cannot believe we’re already wrapping up the 6th series of our podcast! Thank you so much for your support so far, we really appreciate every comment, listen, like and share of our audio content. This final episode is, as per usual, in English. Anne and Claudia talk you through the irresistible autumn time in Potsdam: Indoors and outdoors, there’s so much to see and do!

Enjoy the water

Summer is the prime season in Potsdam (although ALL seasons are wonderful), because it’s THE time to enjoy Potsdam from the waterside. Once again, Anne and Claudia chat in English, this time about all things water – the best way to get around, why paddling is best done in the morning or evenings, where you can jump in the water and which the best cruise tours are. Take your swimsuit, your summer hat and enjoy the water in Potsdam!

The Potsdam feeling in Summer

In this episode Anne and Claudia talk about the “New Normal” in Potsdam and how tourism has changed after the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions have been lifted. They share with the listeners how public transport, going to restaurants and visiting art museums and palaces work and they recommend places “off the beaten track” and which activities work best while social distancing: how about a day on the water? Sounds good, right?!

The Potsdam feeling in Spring

It's Spring in Potsdam (finally) and Anne chats with Claudia about the best places in Potsdam to experience the fresh green season, share their knowledge about gardening and the culinary specialities Potsdam and its surrounding rural districts have to offer. Did you know that this region is famously known for its white asparagus?

Potsdam in English

This episode is for anyone who would like to hear our podcast in English and of course international listeners. What makes Potsdam so special among European cities? Why do you need to come here and what to do and see? We will answer all this questions and take you on a 20-minute-trip to Potsdam.