New Palace in Sanssouci Park

Sunrise at the New Palace, © SPSG/PMSG, André Stiebitz
Grotto Hall at the New Palace, © SPSG/PMSG, André Stiebitz

Located at the end of the main avenue in Park Sanssouci, the New Palace is visible throughout the entire park and its high tambour dome is recognizable from afar. It was built between 1763 and 1769, making it the last palace to be built by Frederick the Great in Sanssouci Park.

The building was to represent Prussia's unbroken readiness after the Seven Years' War. In contrast to the intimate and rather modest Sanssouci Palace, the New Palace served as a venue for official, representative events. Later, William II, the last German emperor, and his family used the New Palace as their preferred place of residence.

The New Palace has over 200 rooms. Above all, the Grotto Hall, the Marble Hall and the Concert Hall impress visitors all year long. The Grotto Hall, with the splendour of thousands of shells, quartz and minerals, has already inspired the guests of Frederick II and can now be experienced again. The recently restored Lower Royal Quarter is also a perfect example of the splendour of the time. With the Weaving Room, the Concert Hall and the Oval Cabinet, it shows some of the most precious interiors in Europe.

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