New Palace in Sanssouci Park

New Palace in winter, photo: TMB/Kroeger/SPSG
Palace theatre in the New Palace

The New Palace, built from 1763 to 1769, is located at the far end of Hauptallee (the main promenade) in Sanssouci Park, making it the centerpiece of the park.
In strong contrast to the intimate and rather modest Sanssouci Palace, the New Palace served as the venue for official, representational needs. Built by King Frederick II at the western end of Sanssouci Park, it is the largest and most impressive complex in Sanssouci Park.

The king rarely stayed here. Instead the palace was mostly used as guest apartments and for celebrations. Among the 200 rooms that impressed visitors in all times are the Grotto Hall, the Marble Hall, the concert Room and the Palace Theater.

The Grotto Hall with the glitter of thousands of shells, quartzes and minerals was intended to amaze the guests of Frederick the Great and can now be experienced again by you.
The recently restored Lower Royal Suite, with its Braided Room, Concert Room, and Oval Cabinet, presents one of Europe’s most luxurious interior décors. Later, William II, the last German emperor, and his family used the New Palace as their preferred place of residence.


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