Potsdam in One Day


Start your day in Potsdam at the Old Market, which is used to be called one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. With the opening of the Brandenburg State Parliament in the reconstructed facade of the City Palace that got destroyed during World War 2, the historic heart of the city started to beat again in 2014. Just three years later in 2017 the Museum Barberini opened its gates for art lovers from all over the world. Monet, Richter, Picasso and van Gogh are just a few names of artists whose masterpieces call this gallery their temporary home.
If you are not into art, try out the Film Museum Potsdam. Potsdam-Babelsberg is home to the modern filmmaking as we know it.  Therefore the permanent exhibition takes you on a time travel through 100 years of filmmaking in Babelsberg.
Also the guided walking tour “Getting to know Potsdam” is highly recommended. The tour starts right at the Tourist Information Center in Humboldtstrasse. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday the tour is held bilingual in German and English. Just within two hours you will walk over the Old Market, to the New Market and end up with lots of inspiring Information and interesting stories at the Dutch Quarter.
Alternatively enjoy the view from the 42m high platform of the St Nicholas’ Church. You will see blocks of red brick buildings that may remind you of houses in the Netherlands. Welcome to the Dutch Quarter. It’s considered to be Europe’s greatest collection of Dutch-style houses outside the Netherlands. Cosy cafés provide a delicious ranch from big brunch buffets to small bites of Dutch “Pannekoeken”.


After a culinary refreshment your way leads you through the retail strip of Brandenburger Strasse. Lovely backyards along the busy pedestrian area are worth more than just a glimpse. Regional shops and boutiques invite you to linger. Maybe you will find just the right souvenir for your loved ones at home.
At the end of the Brandenburger Straße you will see the gate Brandenburger Tor. No, you are not in Berlin. But yes, it has the same name. Actually the gate Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam was built 20 years before its famous brother in Berlin.


Crossing the square Luisenplatz you will get to the main entrance of Sanssouci Park. 300 hectares of garden art await you with more than 11 palaces and historic buildings such as the Orangery Palace and the Chinese House. Entering the Park you will firstly walk towards Sanssouci Palace sitting enthroned of its famous vineyard terraces. Looking west you will definitely be surprised by a windmill. The Historic Windmill is a perfect lookout to get an overview over this huge park area. With some windy help it’s creaking wings are still processing grain. You can get bread baked with Sanssouci flour in the museum shop right across.
Highlight of the western part of Sanssouci Park is the colossal New Palace. It’s by far the biggest palace in Potsdam and in strong contrast to the intimate and rather modest Sanssouci Palace. Take your time to wander around this green oasis and let your thoughts drift.


After hours of strolling along baroque facades, pompous palaces and romantic gardens there is no doubt that you need to take it slow in the evening hours. Therefore we suggest you to get on board of one of the excursion boats. Enjoy some refreshing German food and let your feet rest. Carried over the waves of the idyllic river Havel the sunset will immerse Babelsberg Palace in blood orange light just before you will pass through the Glienicke Bridge that not even 30 years ago separated West Berlin from Potsdam in East Germany. The film "Bridge of Spies" with Tom Hanks tells the story of the first agent exchange that took place here during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the USA in 1962. Last but not least Cecilienhof Place might make you curious what stories about the Potsdam Conference after World War II you will get to know. And with this in mind you are starting to plan your next 24 hours in Potsdam right away. There is a lot more to explore.