Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace © SPSG/Peter Adamik
Sanssouci Palace © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Ihlow/SPSG
Schloss Sanssouci von oben, Foto: PMSG/SPSG/ André Stiebitz

Entering the Park from the east you will firstly walk towards Sanssouci Palace sitting enthroned of its famous vineyard terraces.
It was Frederick the Great's favourite place. It served him as summer residence, sanctuary in difficult times and pleasure palace in which he wanted to enjoy his private life.
Frederick the Great wanted to cultivate plums, figs, and wine on Potsdam’s doorsteps. In 1744 he had a terraced garden designed in Sanssouci Park for this reason. But due to the exceptionally beautiful view he conceived a summer residence above the terraces just one year later. The New Palace and the Picture Gallery were constructed in subsequent years, while the slopes of the grounds were used as flower and vegetable gardens.
Today, you will find Frederick II’s tomb on the palace hill. On the pile of ruins to the north of the palace, artificial ruins from the ancient world concealed a water basin. The king was most attached to the lavish waterworks, which only worked properly after the construction of the steam engine building in the 19th century.

The baroque garden, which had gone out of fashion in the meantime, was redesigned in the style of a landscape park under Frederick the Great’s successors and was expanded by Frederick William IV by structures such as Charlottenhof Palace, the Orangery, and the Roman Baths. They were meant to bring part of Italy to his native country. Today, Sanssouci Park provides a breath-taking backdrop for events such as the Potsdam Court concerts and musical festivals.

Tickets for the inside visit of Sanssouci Palace can be issued at the Visitor Centre at the Historic Mill. With this issue you will also get to know, when you can get inside the palace on that day.
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