Orangery Palace in Sanssouci Park

Skulpture in front of Orangery Palace, © SPSG/PMSG, André Stiebitz
Raphael Hall inside Orangery Palace, © SPSG, Celia Rogge

One of the largest palaces in Sanssouci Park is the Orangery Palace, which is 300 metres long. The two huge plant halls are connected by a magnificent central building. In front of the central building, guests are welcomed by the marble statue of the master builder - King Frederick William IV.
In addition to the Orangery Palace, he also built the Church of Peace, Charlottenhof Villa, the Roman Baths and the Belvedere on Pfingstberg Hill. His longing for Italy can clearly be seen in all of his buildings' designs.
This also applies to the Orangery Palace. Here yare a few resembling builidngs which had inspired him on his travels to Italy:

    The Villa Medici in Rome
    The Uffizi in Florence
    The Sala Regia in the Vatican

Combining a palace with an orangery building was a challenge for the architects.
While the wings of the building are empty in summer, in winter they serve as warm shelter for the subtropical potted plants from the park. The figures along the side wings represent the twelve months and the four seasons.
The central building is a real palace. There is a guest apartment, which the king had furnished especially for his sister Charlotte. She was married to the Russian Tsar Nicholas I. In the five rooms - apparently to the taste of the guests - the style elements of the Rococo with lots of gold and precious stones were used. The result was a cold splendour that had little of the charm of the Friderician buildings.
The jewel of the Orangery Palace is the Raphael Hall. More than 50 copies of paintings by the Renaissance painter Raphael (1483 - 1520), made by young Prussian painters in Paris, hang in this two-storey gallery hall. The Raphael Hall occasionally serves as a stylish setting for concerts.

The towers and the tower galleries of the palace offer a magnificent view over Sanssouci Park, the mill and the Bornstedt crown estate.

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