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Unfortunately, we've not found any suitable event, but we collect a few upcomming highlights for you:

Permanent historical exhibition at Villa Schöningen

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2019

The Villa Schöningen is situated at Glienicke Bridge – at the interface between Berlin and Potsdam, between East and West where agents used to be exchanged during the Cold War in front of the world public´s eye. The permanent exhibition of the Villa Schöningen deals with the symbolic and historical significance of Glienicke Bridge. It lets the visitor experience the drastic border situation between the GDR and the FRG.

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Cecilienhof Palace and the Potsdam Conference

01.04.2019 - 31.03.2020

The conference of the three heads of government and the 1945 Potsdam Accord. World history was written in the summer of 1945 at Potsdam's Cecilienhof Palace. Here, following the end of combat operations in Europe, the top level representatives of the three main WWII allies met to discuss Europe's reorganization and Germany's fate. Participants of the conference were the heads of state and secretary of state and foreign ministers of the USA, Soviet Union and the United Kingdom: Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill, who was replaced by his successor Clement Attlee. The results of the conference officially referred to as the "Berlin Conference of the Three Heads of Government of the USSR, USA and UK" were recorded in the Potsdam Accord and Potsdam Declaration. The permanent exhibition was revised and updated and can be seen at an authentic location in all of the palace rooms. An exhibition organized by SPSG

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Sanssouci, Orangery: exotic plants in hibernating mode

09.11.2019 13:00 - 21.12.2019 13:00

Hundreds of palm trees, agaves, laurel and orange trees adorn the Prussian gardens in summer. In the winter months, the trees are well-protected in the greenhouses or “orangeries” – greenhouses built by the Prussian kings for citrus plants to hibernate in the cold season. A tour of the Orangery´s impressive greenhouse and heating structure provides visitors with information about the exotic plants and historic heating systems, partly still in operation today. Duration: approx. 90 minutes LIMITED ACCESSIBILTIY (in greenhouse only!)

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Getting to know Potsdam City Walking Tour

25.08.2019 11:00 - 27.10.2019 11:00

This sightseeing tour will guide you to Potsdam highlights in the city centre but yet you will feel like you are taken back to former times. Historic places, green oasis and extraordinary facades all invite to pause for a moment and take in the astonishment. This includes the reconstructed Old Market with the Church of St. Nicholas, Old Town Hall and Museum Barberini, the maintained baroque square New Market and the Dutch Quarter. At Brandenburger Straße, which is also known as Potsdam’s “Broadway“ there are many cosy cafés and restaurants as well as unique and authentic little shops. Bilingual in German/English.

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River Blues goes aboard Weisse Flotte Potsdam

15.08.2019 - 26.09.2019

The “River Blues Band” joins the steamer “Gustav”. Its time for blues, rock ‘n‘roll and a pinch of country & western on Potsdam´s River Havel. A group of grown up musicians from Berlin and Brandenburg will be playing a great mix of music during the three-hour tour aboard the steam-powered boat “Gustav”. Classic hits by Eric Clapton and J. J. Cale are shared, as well as songs from Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Guitarist Michael Schupke, singer and guitarist Michael Kunczak, drummer Thomas Warneke, bassist Peter Gläser, pianist Ludger Wirsig and singer and harmonicist Detlef Gottschling work the strings, play and sing to enthuse the guests, spreading an exuberant atmosphere of River Blues between dinner and summer night on deck. The hungry ones can savour culinary specialties from the charcoal grill and enjoy beer from the tap.

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Baroque Pathways: The National Galleries Barberini Corsini in Rome

13.07.2019 - 06.10.2019

Italy in Potsdam The Museum Barberini will be presenting 54 masterpieces from the collections of the Palazzi Barberini and Corsini Rome, including one of Caravaggio’s most important works, his 1589/99 painting Narcissus. During his pontificate as Pope Urban VIII in the 17th century, Maffeo Barberini collected pictures and commissioned paintings that are now among the major works of Italian baroque. The exhibition, the Museum Barberini’s first project focusing on the Old Masters, will highlight the themes and stylistic developments of baroque art in Rome. The Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin Brandenburg (SPSG) and the City of Potsdam along with the Museum Barberini are using the opportunity presented by the exhibition to celebrate Italian art and culture. An app designed as a walking tour of Potsdam’s Roman monuments will explore these works of art.

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The Potsdam Palace Night 2020

14.08.2020 17:00 - 15.08.2020 17:00

On two summer evenings on 16 and 17 August 2019, the Potsdam Palace Night celebrated life, art and culinary delights, strolling and enjoying in the unique ambience of the world-famous Sanssouci Palace Park under the motto Una Notte Italiana. Preliminary information In 2020 the Potsdam Palace Night will take place on August 14th and 15th - advance sales will start shortly.

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Van Gogh: Still Lifes

26.10.2019 - 02.02.2020

From his first paintings to the colorful flower images of his later career, Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) repeatedly painted still lifes. In this genre, he could try out various media and alternatives – from depicting space using light and shadow to experiments with color. The first exhibition on this theme will present more than 20 paintings and use them to analyze the key stages in van Gogh’s life and work. In cooperation with the Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, and the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. With loans from the Art Institute of Chicago, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.

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Potsdam light spectacle

01.11.2019 - 03.11.2019

In November 2016, the first Potsdam light spectacle took place in the Dutch Quarter under the title "Een Lichtspektakle". Despite constant rain, the event with illuminations between main station and the Gate Nauener Tor with the accompanying market in the Dutch quarter was a phenomenal success. Visit the 4th Potsdam Light Spectacle from the 1st to the 4th of November and marvel at the state capital illuminated by light artists. Experience Potsdam by night on foot, by pedal or by bus - there is much to discover and even more to experience. Have fun!

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New Year´s Day walk to the New Garden

01.01.2020 13:00 - 01.01.2020 15:30

Potsdam Marketing and Service GmbH will begin the New Year with a romantic New Year´s Day walk on 1.1.2019, commencing at 1 p.m. from the main entrance to the New Garden (corner Allestraße / Am Neuen Garten). The walk will take guests through the royal New Garden and include a visit inside the Marble Palace, a classicist building regarded as one of the most attractive of the Hohenzollern palaces. On the way, surprising vistas will come into view. Please note: Tour is in German only!

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Monet: Places

29.02.2020 - 01.06.2020

For his landscape paintings, Claude Monet revisited the same places over and over again and completed extensive series of works from a single location. During his travels he created numerous paintings at the coast of Normandy, in Zaandam in the Netherlands or in London and Venice. He was not interested in picturesque landmarks but in the changing light and weather conditions and the different effects they had on these particular places. He took pleasure in motifs such as parks, gardens, and waterlilies that surrounded him where he lived in Paris, Argenteuil, Vétheuil, and Giverny, using them to further his exploration of light and color. Organized in cooperation with the Denver Art Museum the exhibition will be shown in Denver under the title Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature from October 20, 2019 to February 2, 2020.

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The Dream Factory – 100 Years of Film in Babelsberg

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2029

Despite rapid technological progress, the making of films stil follows traditional patterns that even children are able to understand – and this is why the process of filmmaking is at the core of the exhibition. The starting point of every film production is an idea. Finding a producer for the project sets the stage for a long process that includes casting, costumes and make-up, set construction, shooting, editing and sound design. Interactive modules allow them to find out in a playful, intuitive way what it’s like to sing a long with Zara Leander or to replace actors in a casting session. Besides, the exhibition provides young people looking for professional perspectives with hands-on information on jobs in the media business. A computer-based information system and an exhibition guide shed light on the background of film production in Babelsberg, putting films and those who worked on them into their historical context.

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Cecilienhof Palace: Potsdam Conference 1945 – Shaping the World. Special Exhibition in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Potsdam Conference

01.05.2020 - 01.11.2020

The Potsdam Conference marks one of the most important historical events of the 20th century. World-wide, it stands as a symbol of the endpoint of World War II in Europe and the outbreak of the Cold War. The “Potsdam Agreement” that was adopted at Cecilienhof Palace laid the foundation for the reshaping of the world after 1945. The SPSG is showcasing a special exhibition on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Potsdam Conference at Cecilienhof Palace. Visitors at this actual location will be able to experience a multi-medial journey back to these fateful days in the summer of 1945. A factual, ideology-free, presentation regarding the geopolitical decisions made contrasts with the moving and emotion-filled voices of those affected. Famous historical personalities such as Churchill, Stalin, and Truman stand opposite history’s countless “nameless” – including victims of atom bombs, displaced persons, and collaborators.

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Caught between the fronts. Youth, protest and espionage in Werder (Havel) 1949-1953

11.07.2019 18:00 - 29.09.2019 18:00

Accusation »Espionage«: In 1952, the Soviet military tribunal in the prison Lindenstrasse sentenced seven young women andmen from Werder (Havel) to death and others to 10 to 25 yearsin prison. The pupils, students and apprentices protested against the Soviet occupation and the SED by distributing pamphlets. Western organizations gave them anti-communist propaganda material for their cause and recieved information from the group – without explaining to them the risk and danger it involved. The State Security Service (Stasi) of the GDR succeeded in infiltrating the »network« with spies. In 1951, theprosecution authorities of the Stasi and the Soviet secret service NKVD/MGB decided to strike – only a few were able to escape. The studio exhibition was prepared in cooperation with students of the master’s degree Public History at the Freie Universität Berlin. The exhibition explores the background of the imprisonments and the actions of the prosecution authorities.

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Allegoría / Moment in Color and Skin – Laura Heinecke & Franziska Löwe

19.09.2019 20:00 - 22.09.2019 12:00

"Allegoría – Moment in Color and Skin" creates a utopian space in which the dancer Laura Heinecke and the painter Franziska Löwe meet with their very different artistic media. Lines, colour and bodies are in constant interaction - the dance becomes graphic, the painting becomes movement... In their dialogue, they sense both their own work and its range as well as the spectrum of their effects on the other. Where do they speak the same language and what traces do they leave behind? When is painting physical or performative? What do materiality, colour and visual effect mean to a dancer? In this interaction, moving and fixed images are created. Reception and production change perspective, liveliness and fugacity enter into a fragile connection in the ephemeral encounter of both art forms. A painting and dance performance that revolves above all around one thing – art.

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Potsdam Oktoberfest

27.09.2019 - 05.10.2019

Potsdam Oktoberfest on the Wies'n Pleasure Ground. At the largest Oktoberfest in the region, a large fair awaits you with many carnies, rides, a Ferris wheel and a 1,700 square metre marquee. The large "Potsdam Klosterbier Area" offers space for 1,800 Wies'n guests. With a colourful programme, such as live bands, DJ's, men's ballet, custom juggling and much more. Experience an unforgettable evening

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Lost in Formation – "Kombinat" kombiniert Tanz und Film

04.10.2019 20:00 - 24.11.2019 17:10

Information forms thoughts, feelings and opinions. When it reaches many heads and hearts, formations appear – at the box office, on the beach, in the air or on the street. Patterns emerge that spread through the media with powerful images, create a mood and demand positioning. The individual loses itself in everyday choreographies into which it has accidentally or intentionally entered. KOMBINAT's new production explores this dynamic between individual and group. Image and film quotations from various archives and group choreographies shot at the Film University Babelsberg form the media counterpart to the very lively, partly laconic dance performance by Risa Kojima and David Pallant. Step by step "Lost in Formation" unfolds a space of association as a commentary on a complex world of different speeds and convictions. And that much can already be revealed now: It promises a special experience of time.

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Polish Star Market on the Carriage Stable Courtyard at the New Market

29.11.2019 - 01.12.2019

Star Market - Christmas encounter with Poland. Experience the Christmas customs of our neighbouring country Poland at the traditional Star Market and Star Festival at the carriage stable! Organised by the House of the History of Brandenburg and Prussia, the atmospheric and popular market once again offers typical crafts, specialities and a colourful stage programme with the Star Festival of German-Polish Encounter. Children are invited to take part in music and theatre themselves or to listen to Polish fairy tales. In the historic vaulted hall, German-Polish associations from Berlin and Brandenburg await you, as well as information on Polish tourist regions.

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Bohemian Christmas Market at Babelsberg Square Weberplatz

06.12.2019 - 08.12.2019

Also this year the Bohemian Christmas Market will take place on the first and on the second weekend in Advent in the historic Weaver's Quarter Potsdam-Babelsberg. Frederick II had it built as a refuge for Protestant weavers from Bohemia. On the Square Weberplatz craftsmen, traders, artists and innkeepers present Bohemian traditions. The Bohemian Crystal Fairy and Santa Claus also enchant visitors. 29 November 2019 | 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Opening with Bohemian Crystal Fairy, followed by the Long Mulled Wine Night November 30, 2019 | 4 p.m. Bohemian Shepherd Mass in the Fredericschurch on the Square Weberplatz Under the direction of Jiří Kubík from Prague the chamber choir Canticorum iubilo and the orchestra Quattro Corde will perform with an outstanding soloist ensemble. Admission 12 Euro, free up to 8 years. Ticket Hotline 0331-7049264

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New Year's Eve Potsdam

31.12.2019 19:00 - 01.01.2020 02:00

We would be delighted to welcome you again this year when the Sky Lounge opens exclusively for New Year's Eve. You can relax and enjoy the view with an aperitif, dedicate yourself to the buffet until 9 p.m. or warm up with our DJ on the 17th floor before we slowly start the countdown. We offer you all drinks, the dinner buffet in the restaurant, the midnight pancakes and the most breathtaking view of the New Year's fireworks over Potsdam.

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Exhibition "Forschungsfenster"

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019

In the exhibition FORSCHUNGSFENSTER we show a great variety of scientific research from Potsdam and Brandenburg. Seven cubes ask exciting questions and provide a glimpse over the shoulder of the researchers. Experience that science looks at all areas of life: from the smallest parts of plants to large oceans and gigantic galaxies. Every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. a free insight into the FORSCHUNGSFENSTER is offered to those interested.

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Dutch Sinterklaas Festival in the Dutch Quarter

08.09.2019 11:00 - 07.12.2019 20:00

Music, spectacle and culinary specialities for the whole family await you at this Dutch festival in the middle of Potsdam. During Advent, the Dutch Santa Clause "Sinterklaas" also visits the children of Potsdam in the Dutch Quarter. On Saturday, 07.12.2019, Sinterklaas and his entourage will arrive at Potsdam Harbour at about 13.30 hrs. The Lord Mayor will receive Sinterklaas on behalf of all Potsdamers and the Potsdam police will guide him and numerous guests through the city to the Dutch Quarter. There, the scent of matjes, knee pertjes and genever is heard throughout the quarter, singing and listening to the old tunes on the original barrel organ. Regional and local traders and restaurateurs take care of the culinary supply. The Sinterklaas is available to the children on the stage at the intersection of Mittelstraße and Benkertstraße for chats on both days.

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Potsdam Antique Mile

28.09.2019 11:00 - 29.09.2019 18:00

At the end of May and the end of September, the working group "Innenstadt Potsdam" (Potsdam City Centre), together with the tradesmen of Jägerstrasse and Gutenbergstrasse, will once again invite you to browse, discover and enjoy the Potsdam Antique Mile. Around 60 antique dealers and craftsmen from all over Germany are setting up their stands in the heart of Potsdam's city centre and offering their antique, handcrafted and artistically designed valuables for sale. With the individual shops, the great commitment of the adjoining restaurants and shops, but also the stylish supporting programme, the event in spring will again be a very special experience. The local shops will again come up with special activities. The local restaurateurs will provide special culinary delights and a cosy atmosphere at their own stands and there will be live music on both days.

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Workshop: Humboldt IV - Inseparable

03.10.2019 11:00 - 05.01.2020 16:00

Humboldt IV: Inseparable From Mag(net)ic Rock to Electric Motor October 3, 2019 to January 5, 2020 What actually is magnetism? Where can it be found? How can magnets generate electric current? Already during Humboldt’s lifetime the two disciplines of electricity and magnetism could be com-bined to electromagnetism. The 30 minute workshop costs 5 Euro p. p. additionally to the entrance fee and takes place several times during opening hours.

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Blauer Lichterglanz - Christmas Market in the City Centre of Potsdam

25.11.2019 - 29.12.2019

A blue glow of lights fills Potsdam with a Christmassy atmosphere in Brandenburger Straße and the Square Luisenplatz. The central historical Christmas market with its fairytale stage and open-air ice rink has been delighting families for years. The many shops, boutiques, galleries, cafés and restaurants in the midst of the colourful Christmas bustle also invite you to stroll through Potsdam's historic city centre. 25 Nov. at 4 pm: Opening of the Christmas Market by the Lord Mayor, followed by the traditional cutting of the Giant Christmas Stollen. Daily at 5 pm: Fairytale time on stage Luisenplatz with the Pirate Open Air Theater Grevesmühlen Fairytales and interactive games, among others the "Fairytale of the Blue Light" monday to friday from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm saturdays to sundays from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm Ice skating on the artificial ice rink Luisenplatz, running surface 15 x 30 meters, skate rental possible December 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm Long Night of Santa Clauses

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Advent Garden in Alexandrovka

30.11.2019 12:00 - 08.12.2019 19:00

In winter, our garden has its own charm. To enjoy this charm, we invite you and your family on two Advent weekends. Far from the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, we will light a warming campfire for you and heat up the mulled wine kettles - there is our delicious apple mulled wine! Sink into the winter silence, listen to Russian fairy tales and Russian music and browse our market stalls with regional handicrafts. Of course there are baked apples and gingerbread - also to decorate yourself - a high-quality organic catering and traditional Russian specialities.

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Christmas Forest in the Carriage Stable

12.12.2019 18:00 - 29.12.2019

Preliminary info: For the sixth time, Potsdammers will be invited to participate in the design of the Christmas forest in the Carriage Stable. Various Christmas trees will be on display in the exhibition. Further information will follow. Opening of the exhibition

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Festival JazzOffensive #5

13.12.2019 19:30 - 14.12.2019 23:00

Duos and other tiny units - under this motto the Jazzoffensive 2019 presents small band formations of jazz. The intensity that arises with a duo or a trio is something unique and often marked by magical moments. On the program are numerous duos, among others by the old master Ulrich Gumpert with the saxophonist Silke Eberhard, and by the ex Rainbirds musician Ulrike Haage with Christian Meyer, who currently work mainly in the field of film, dance and radio play music, but who go to one of their rare dialogues with the audience. The duo of Carlos Bica and Daniel Erdmann is eagerly awaited. The dance and sound performance of Bob Rutman, Yuko Matsuyama and Munsha is genre-spanning. Thomas Fehlmann rings in the finale with a DJ set. He is one of the founders of the band Palais Schaumburg as well as an active part in The Orb for Technoaffine and proves that jazz has influences on all musical genres.

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Christmas Garden in Alexandrovka

28.12.2019 - 29.12.2019

From 28 to 29 December from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., the Alexandrovka Museum invites you to the museum garden for fire, punch and borscht. The Christmas Garden is part of the "December scenes" campaign. With the Advent campaign, the Working Group for Cities with Historic City Centres is continuing the campaign of the Historical Advent Calendar that has taken place in recent years.

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Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften (Potsdam Science Day)

09.05.2020 13:00 - 09.05.2020 20:00

Research. Discover. Join in. On 9 May 2020, the Potsdam Science Day will take place for the eighth time. More than 30 universities, schools and research institutions from Brandenburg will present themselves on this day on the premises of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomics. The programme includes workshops, lectures, exhibitions and lots of hands-on experiments for the whole family!

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Classic at the Weberplatz

06.06.2020 20:30 - 06.06.2020 20:30

Preliminary information: When "Klassik am Weberplatz" took place for the first time in 2009 under the motto "Tango Sinfónico", nobody could have guessed that the response of the audience would be so positive. A symphonic open-air event with free admission, which deliberately does not follow a uniform line with an annually changing character up to a classical crossover, was not present in Potsdam until then. Visitors can enjoy the concert with beer and picnics on blankets or folding chairs they have brought with them. Conductor: Knut Andreas

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16th Potsdam Adventure Night - Your City - Your Night - Your Experience

25.07.2020 - 25.07.2020

Advance information One city, one night, one experience - the mixture and especially the peaceful and relaxed contact with each other make up the charm of the city and family festival.

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