Thanks to the proximity to Berlin, Potsdam has all the advantages of a big city: well-developed public transport and many cycle lanes as well as excellent connections to other European cities through airports and train stations.

At the same time, Potsdam retains its tranquillity. The Glienicke Bridge, once a symbol for the division of Germany, is now considered the connection between Berlin and Potsdam. It links the exciting and fast-moving metropolis with its busy shopping malls and long party nights to Potsdam with its baroque architecture, vast parks and countless palaces that invite you to let your thoughts wander.

Many Berliners and Berlin visitors therefore like to use the weekend to gather strength in Potsdam, to enjoy the wide view you get in the peaceful landscape of Babelsberg Park, on the Belvedere on Pfingstberg Hill or during a boat trip on the idyllic river Havel.

Additionally, as a Potsdam visitor, you can also easily go on a day trip to Berlin. Berlin's famous landmarks such as the Reichstag Building, the TV Tower, the "younger" Brandenburg Gate (Potsdam has a Brandenburg Gate too) and the Eastside Gallery can be reached by regional train or the S-Bahn.

If you want to go to Berlin, you can get the tickets for public transportation at the Tourist Information Centres in Potsdam. We also recommend the Berlin WelcomeCard Potsdam Edition as it includes all Public Transportation in Berlin and Potsdam as well as many discounts on museums, sights and tours.