The Berlin WelcomeCard - Potsdam Edition makes any stay in the Berlin and Potsdam area more affordable and, while doing so, it provides you with the kind of insight and little-known information necessary to create the best possible holiday. There is little question of the value the discounts give you while making stops throughout Berlin and the State of Brandenburg and visiting the partnering sites throughout the two-city area. But, perhaps the WelcomeCard’s greatest service is the education it and its map provides so that you can create once-in-a-lifetime itineraries throughout one of the most history-dense regions in Europe.

When you purchase the WelcomeCards — prices start as low as 19.90 Euros — an entire world opens up before you. The cards include free transportation on buses, train, trams, boats, and bikes. You will also save up to 50 percent off meals, entry fees, and tickets throughout the network’s vast number of partners, which includes more than 200 sites and attractions around Berlin and Potsdam. And if you purchase the “All Inclusive” cards, you gain free access to 30 “Berlin highlights,” you can enjoy a free day on the “hop-on, hop-off” city tour bus, and receive a free map and guide book.

You can purchase Berlin WelcomeCards at many points throughout the region. You can also purchase tickets and travel guides online. If you decide to wait until you arrive to buy one of the cards, which are invaluable for discounts and planning, you can do so at info points, Tourist Information Centres, hotels, stations, airports, and ticket machines — wherever transportation tickets are sold.

If you’re traveling to Berlin and Potsdam, you can’t afford not to have the Berlin Welcome Card. The packages make transportation straightforward, simple, and nearly free. It leads you to the top attractions throughout the cities and gives you the best information, plans, and ideas of how to best enjoy all the region has to offer. And, best of all, service and quality are guaranteed.