Baroque Pathways: The National Galleries Barberini Corsini in Rome

13.07.2019 - 06.10.2019

Italy in Potsdam The Museum Barberini will be presenting 54 masterpieces from the collections of the Palazzi Barberini and Corsini Rome, including one of Caravaggio’s most important works, his 1589/99 painting Narcissus. During his pontificate as Pope Urban VIII in the 17th century, Maffeo Barberini collected pictures and commissioned paintings that are now among the major works of Italian baroque. The exhibition, the Museum Barberini’s first project focusing on the Old Masters, will highlight the themes and stylistic developments of baroque art in Rome. The Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin Brandenburg (SPSG) and the City of Potsdam along with the Museum Barberini are using the opportunity presented by the exhibition to celebrate Italian art and culture. An app designed as a walking tour of Potsdam’s Roman monuments will explore these works of art.