Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci: Bike concert

16.06.2019 09:30 - 16.06.2019 09:30

24 Concerts, Guided Tours and Viewings in 16 Venues Muses: Some say there were only three of them in the beginning and their names meant »exercise«, »mind« und »singing«. However, the poet Hesiod has put the image of the nine Muses into our heads and it is a lasting one we cannot let go of. Check-in/ start: Luisenplatz Potsdam This is where you can exchange your ticket for a day ticket and your personal travel documents. The ticket then gives you free admission to all events. Bicycles are allowed on the designated paths in the historic parks in strict accordance with the German road traffic regulations. For any organisational matters, please get in contact with Dr. Andrea Palent. Service around the Bicycle Concert 2019 Breakdown Service: Räderei Am Kanal | Tel.+49(0)331-2702298 | mail(at) | Bicycle rental: Potsdam per Pedales | Tel.+49(0)331-7480057 | mail(at) |