24.08.2019 - 25.08.2019

Localize, the festival for city, culture and art, invites you on August 24th and 25th to rediscover the Freundschaftsinsel in the centre of Potsdam. In the jewel of garden art, on the island of shrubs and bronze sculptures, between weeping willow and boat rental, artists* explore the theme of "islands" in installations, photography, sound, performance and intervention. Islands are places of longing for idyllic, exotic and philosophical fantasies and attributions. Due to their isolation, they have their own logic. The island is lonely. It differs fundamentally from the mainland and is thus suitable for locating a different kind of person. Insular thinking is thinking in demarcations and bubbles. But one island rarely comes alone, it always refers to another: islands of the same archipelago or the mainland. This actually makes the insular a paradigm of plurality and relational thought.