Fúria - Lia Rodrigues (Rio de Janeiro)

13.09.2019 19:30 - 14.09.2019 20:40

Swaying between trance and funeral march, an archaic procession with changing costumes, grimaces and poses crosses the stage – highly concentrated, the nine dancers show off their contained energy between anger and joy, in a silent scream. Here and there, the feelings explode, the bodies expose and free themselves, and come back again in the line of this mass in constant transformation. Fúria (rage) is the title of Lia Rodrigues’ latest production. She creates a furious piece as a very personal response to sexism, military violence, oppression and the new fascism in Brazil. In Maré, one of Rio de Janeiro's toughest favelas, lies the company's dance centre, and Lia Rodrigues' work is more than ever a strong signal against racism and social exclusion. When the voice fails, Lia Rodrigues finds a new level of communication with the body and, above all, with the group.