Lost in Formation – "Kombinat" kombiniert Tanz und Film

04.10.2019 20:00 - 24.11.2019 17:10

Information forms thoughts, feelings and opinions. When it reaches many heads and hearts, formations appear – at the box office, on the beach, in the air or on the street. Patterns emerge that spread through the media with powerful images, create a mood and demand positioning. The individual loses itself in everyday choreographies into which it has accidentally or intentionally entered. KOMBINAT's new production explores this dynamic between individual and group. Image and film quotations from various archives and group choreographies shot at the Film University Babelsberg form the media counterpart to the very lively, partly laconic dance performance by Risa Kojima and David Pallant. Step by step "Lost in Formation" unfolds a space of association as a commentary on a complex world of different speeds and convictions. And that much can already be revealed now: It promises a special experience of time.