40th anniversary of Filmmuseum Potsdam

03.06.2021 - 03.06.2021

In 2021 the oldest film museum in Germany looks back to 40 years of its own history. With two special exhibitions, in the museum´s foyer as well as online on its homepage, the museum recalls the exceptional events of the past: the first opening exhibition on film technology, the rapidity of development during the 1990s when the museum collected exhibits and documents from the liquidated DEFA. The new presentations remind of the euphoria with curating disputatious exhibitions and the first family exhibitions that attracted lots of visitors as well as international guests at that time. And they remind of own internal changes like the most important one, the takeover by the Film University in 2011. The presentations also describe the near future of the museum, particularly the new building of the archives with public access to the depot that is under construction and will house the continually growing collections at the Media City in Babelsberg in 2022.