Assemblage / Premiere by 101concrete Company

20.08.2022 19:00 - 21.08.2022 17:00

Open Air A 4-metre bamboo pole rotates slowly. One end rests on the floor in the middle, the other is carried along the edge. In the space between, at the heart of the clock, the drama of life unfolds. But the decreasing beat of the clock startles some. What happens when we become aware of the loops we are caught in? What happens if we could dream up new possibilities? Can we support each other to become fluid yet interconnected parts of the whole - the whole fabric? A musician and five performers from the movement approaches of Art du Déplacement (widely known as Parkour), dance and acrobatics meet in live looped music and soundscapes. ASSEMBLAGE is a dynamic and surprising open air performance that leaves the audience wondering what is really possible.