How To Die – Inopiné / Mia Habib (Oslo)

07.10.2022 19:30 - 08.10.2022 19:30

German premiere In the middle of the stage stands a construction made of the most diverse materials: From wood to fabric, it’s all there. Concentrated and calm, the dancers take it apart piece by piece. How to die - Inopiné is a journey through deconstruction and reconstruction, with materials and with bodies. Mia Habib explores themes of ecological grief and a sense of collapse. The first part of the performance depicts an ever-changing process, sometimes conscious and sometimes unexpected, and a constantly changing space on the stage. Mia Habib shows paths of resilience and invites the audience to a second part outside ensemble around fire bowls. Following her performance Missing in Action at this year's Potsdamer Tanztage, Mia Habib explores our collective insecurities with the same intensity. On Sep 7: talk with the artists