Potsdam – A journey through Europe

Peter und Paul Kirche in Potsdam, Foto: André Stiebitz, Lizenz: PMSG Potsdam Marketing und Service GmbH
Russische Kolonie Alexandrowka in Potsdam, Foto: André Stiebitz, Lizenz: PMSG Potsdam Marketing und Service GmbH
Alexander-Newski-Gedächtniskirche in Potsdam, Foto: Sophie Soike, Lizenz: PMSG Potsdam Marketing und Service GmbH
Belvedere Pfingstberg, Foto: Sophie Soike, Lizenz: SPSG PMSG

Traveling through England, the Netherlands, Russia and Italy in one day? And by foot? Potsdam is rich in European influences. By strolling through the city you can easily cross Europe in a short amount of time. It is the longings of the rulers but also the friendships and political connections of the Hohenzollern dynasty that shaped the architecture of the city. This individual tour through Europe starts in Potsdam’s city centre at the St. Peter and Paul Church, which once was built for Belgian skilled workers. Within just a few steps you reach the Dutch Quarter. There, small boutiques and cosy cafés invite you to browse and linger. The museum Jan Bouman House provides insights into the exciting history of the quarter, which King Frederick William I had built for Dutch craftsmen. If you walk through the neo-Gothic Gate Nauener Tor out of town, within ten minutes
you will find yourself in the setting of a Russian fairy tale. The Colony Alexandrovka with its beautiful Alexander Nevsky Memorial Church was built by King Frederick William III to commemorate his friend Tsar Alexander I. The wooden houses built in a Russian style became a home to 12 Russian singers and their families. Then, a few metres of altitude have to be climbed in order to reach the destination of the tour. Yet the hike is worth it. From the towers of the palace Belvedere Pfingstberg you are rewarded with the most beautiful view of Potsdam. With the palace, King Frederick William IV realised his dream of Italy within Prussia. La dolce vita – that’s the feeling which is felt here especially during the summer months!
A detour to the Weaver’s Quarter in Babelsberg completes the journey through Europe.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hrs
Lenght: approx. 2.5 km
Start: Bassinplatz Square

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