Belvedere on Klausberg

Belvedere on Klausberg, Foto: André Stiebitz, Lizenz: SPSG/ PMSG
Belvedere on Klausberg, Foto: André Stiebitz, Lizenz: SPSG/ PMSG
Interior View Belvedere on Klausberg, ©SPSG Leo Seidel

After the completion of the New Palace in 1769, Frederick the Great had the Belvedere Klausberg erected as part of a beautification plan for Sanssouci Park. The Belvedere´s construction constituted the King´s last architectural enterprise at Sanssouci. A drawing by the Italian archaeologist Francesco Bianchini served as a template for the designs created by Georg Christian Unger. The word "Belvedere" translates into "beautiful view". As the first Belvedere in Potsdam, its construction accounted the tradition of establishing architecturally dominant viewpoints in the royal capital residence. The Plateau of the Klausberg hill provides a magnificent view, overlooking Sanssouci Park and the hilly, lake-dotted landscape including the city of Potsdam.

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