Chinese House in Sanssouci Park

Golden Figures at the Entrance of the Chinese House, © PMSG/SPSG, André Stiebitz
Interior View of Chinese House, © SPSG Andreas Lechtape

The magnificent Chinese House in the deer garden of Sanssouci Park is an impressive example of the Chinoiserie fashion that shaped courtly culture throughout Europe in the 18th century.

The exterior view of the pavilion is dominated by the life-size gilded figures, which are placed individually and in groups around the building. Inside, the Chinese House impresses with a large ceiling painting depicting an exuberant Chinese society.

The European-looking facial features of the painted figures are striking. Due to a lack of contact with the Far East, the faces correspond to the imagination of the artists.

Frederick II liked to stroll through Sanssouci Park and think of distant worlds. The Chinese House offered him a perfect backdrop in an intimate atmosphere.

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