Glienicke Bridge- Where secret agents and secret services used to meet

The Glienicke Bridge that connects the state capital of Potsdam with the federal capital of Berlin, was one of the most renowned monuments of the Cold War up to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Until the political change in 1989, Glienicke was not only a prominent border village, but also a point of exchange for secret agents of both political systems who had been taken prisoner. Today, Glienicke Bridge is not only a popular backdrop for television commercials, but above all a beautiful vantage point with a view of Schlosspark Glienicke (castle grounds), Babelsberg Castle and Park as well as Sacrower Heilandskirche (church of the Saviour).
Coming from Potsdam, you can reach Glienicke Bridge via Berliner Strasse and, if arriving from Berlin, you reach it via Königsstrasse and also via "Park Glienicke" landing port of the "Stern und Kreis"-Schifffahrt (a shipping company in Berlin). 

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