New Market Potsdam

New Market, Photo: TMB/Hoffmann

The Neuer Markt, or New Market, is today regarded as the most attractive square
in Potsdam, the capital city of the federal state of Brandenburg. It is one of
the best-preserved Baroque squares in Europe, most of its houses dating back to
the 18th century.  Here on the west side of the New Market is
the House of Brandenburg and Prussian History. This extensive building with its
early neoclassical façade was completed in 1790 and for a while served as a
stable for coach horses. The ground floor housed the boxes for the roughly one
hundred royal coach horses, while above them lived the stable hands and coach
boys. These lowly court retainers are immortalized in the crowded group
sculpture of the quadriga above the portal – a change from the usual kings and

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