Individual Round tour Potsdam 2: Historic City Centre

Filmmuseum © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Neuer Markt © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Stadtkanal © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Kommandantenhaus © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Brandenburger Tor © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Haus 'Im Güldenen Arm' © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Blick Richtung Jägertor © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Jägertor © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Nauener Tor © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Blick durchs Holländische Viertel © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller
Häuser des Holländischen Viertels © TMB-Archiv Kolbmüller

The 60 to 90-minute round tour 2 "Historic City Centre" leads you through Potsdam's historic town centre. The positions on the map indicate the location of an information board. If you call the number provided on the board, you will get useful information on this particular location. (This service is free. You are only charged for the duration of the phone call to a German landline).

The tour starts off at Potsdam's main train station. By crossing the Lange Brücke you will reach the Alter Markt (old market) (01). Next to the Church of St. Nicholas and the Alte Rathaus (old townhall), this is also where you can find the new Stadtschloss, or City Palace (02). To your left is the old palace's Marstall (former royal stables), today accommodating the Filmmuseum in Potsdam (03). Behind the Filmmuseum lies the baroque Neuer Markt (new market) with the House of the Brandenburg-Prussian History at its head end (04). The tour leads further to the reconstructed City Canal (05). Via Dortustraße and the pedestrian precinct on "Brandenburger Straße" you can reach the "Kommandantenhaus" on Lindenstraße, off the precinct. Today, the Kommandantenhaus accommodates a memorial site (06). Return to Brandenburger Straße to reach Brandenburg Gate at Luisenplatz (07). At Luisenplatz you may also switch to Tour 4, leading you into the Park and the Palace of Sanssouci. The tour continues on Schopenhauer Straße, leading you to the Haus "Im Güldenen Arm" (08). Stroll along the promenade of Hegelallee to reach the gate "Jägertor" (09) and shortly after the "Nauener Tor" (10). From there you enter Mittelstraße, which brings you into the Dutch Quarter (11). Return to Friedrich-Ebert-Straße to return to the main train station, which can be reached in about 15 minutes from here.

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