Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the most splendid city gates in Potsdam and is the culmination of the Potsdam promenade. Friedrich II had this impressive city gate built after the Seven-Year´s War in 1770/71. Between 1756 and 1763, Prussia and Austria fought against each other in the Third Silesian War. After seven years of war, Silesia could be added to the Kingdom of Prussia. King Frederick the Great decided that his victory should be commemorated with a triumphal arch.

An interesting peculiarity of this gate is that the exterior and interior were designed by two different architects. The representative exterior view towards the summer palace Sans Souci was created by Georg Christian Unger. The urban side was created by Carl von Gontard. Roman antiquity in the form of the Arch of Constantine in the Roman Forum also served as a model here, as so often pointed out in Potsdam. In 1869 the Potsdam city wall was torn down and the Potsdam city gates were released.

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